Interests and Motivations of Henry Lahore

Feb 2008   

Our son, Tom, is the 4th generation in our family to live in Seattle.

When going to the University of Washington in Seattle back in the 1960's I strongly considered getting a degree in Librarianship. I loved how books could provide so much information. However, I decided that information was still too hard to find.  This was all before the internet. I ended up getting a Masters Degree in Electronics Engineering.

As you can see on the graph, I have had an interest in a wide variety of subjects

Most subjects now just take me minutes to research on the internet (we have high speed access in our RV)

Some subjects taking many days of research I post on my personal web page.

Back in 1985, before the internet, I quit my day job (at Boeing) to provide ways that people could improve their health and extend their lives by publishing pamphlets which described a wide variety of health information sources on 40+ topics. That did not work out.  Employers did not want to provide any information which would extend the lives of their retirees - which would increase their expenses,, so I went back to my day job.

In the 1990's I discovered the Skycar which could provide 400 mile per hour transport and revolutionize transportation.  I also realize how the Skycar could greatly reduce the time to get people to hospitals in medical emergencies and made a website describing the skycar and - which I created. Unfortunately the Skycar development was greatly slowed by a reluctance of the inventor to share the development with others. I stopped work on the skyaid web site by 2002 when I retired and removed it from the web in 2008

Skyaid would require better communication would be needed as well as faster transportation, so I started research on exploring improved communications. I developed a concept for a communication system based on Meteor Burst Communications which I had looked at in Boeing. I extended the concept to cover disaster communications. I realized that this could not be deployed around the world unless it had a firm economic basis.

I spent several years developing a concept for a commercially viable communications system, which I now call the Message Phone. For over a year I tried to describe this concept to a variety of large cell phone manufacturers and service providers around the world. I found that service providers were too concerned about ARPU = Average Revenue Per User.  Their stock price was based on ARPU and the Message Phone would greatly reduce ARPU.  So, even though the Message Phone would greatly increase total profits, it would hurt their stock price, so they were not interested.  Perhaps it is the same with most organizations - they do not want to change.  Change is something to be feared.

I am retired and stay some of the time NW of Seattle, Washington in my RV and have entered the Message Phone into the Google contest to improve the world.

Fall 2009: changed /updated / new phone number after 10 years from 206-498-6004 to 360-301-9413

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