15 ways you can reduce cell phone radiation (#15 added March 2011)

The following list is sorted from lowest cost/easiest solution to the highest cost /hardest solution.
You should try to achieve at least a 10X reduction in cell phone Radio Frequency Radiation.
The solutions multiply, so a 2X and 5X would be reduce RF by 10X

Cell phone bars are very misleading, vary between cell phones, and the display is typically infrequently updated.
I suggest that you make a dummy/free call every time you want to get an updated view of the cell phone signal level.
More on cell bars:

Update Sept 09

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_phone_radiation_and_health  Wikipedia

http://www.radiationresearch.org/pdfs/15reasons.asp of Sept 09 has a 43 page report "Cell Phones and Brain Tumors -15 reasons for Concern"
 on preliminary results of the Interphone Study which had so many design flows that the Study concluded that the use of cell phones actually DECREASED the the chance of brain tumors.

                                   Mercola Sept 3 2009  which includes the following chart showing the RF getting thru skull of  5 year old, 10 year old, and adult

Update Dec 2009

Excellent, low cost ($35) cell phone meter allows you to easily determine the intensity of RF from your cell phone.
You can check the RF output when used with an external antenna (my favorite), close/far for cell phone tower, when used as a speaker phone, etc.
Included  a separate probe to to check the RF coming from a microwave oven (most new ovens have very little)
I bought one and really like it.  In addition to having a meter it also blinks and beeps: faster = more RF

Update Feb 2011
Yet another study: Brain near cell phone antenna shows activation due to 1 hour of cell phone use.
Journal of American Medical Association Feb 23, 2011: Metabolism increased by 7% on the side of the brain
when the cell phone was in use.  Abstract does not indicate if they adjusted for cell phone RF amplitude
which varies 100X to 1 with distance to the base station antenna.

Update March 2011 - actual science!
- do not wear cell phone on belt in the same location all of the time
A study in Argentina found that after just 1 year men with cell phones on a belt
had noticeably different bone mineral density on the bone nearest the cell phone.
A cell phone puts out much less radiation when it is not being used, but it appears
that it is a significant amount over the space of a year = 4000+ hours
CLICK HERE for the 5 page paper

Update March 2011
The portion of the brain next to cellphone used more 7% more glucose.
probably consumes far more than 7% in real use:
   1 - Abstract does not indicate how close the cell phone was to a cell tower -
         and that can vary the RF amplitude by 100X 
   2 - There was no voice - so far less RF
        - cell phones conserve power by transmitting very short bursts when there is no voice.
JAMA March 2011. This article was commented on in the
New York Times

Update May 2011

WHO report was included in Wikipedia excellent overview the same day

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