Low cost aids for HEARING

Hearing aid related

Note: Any hearing aid can be repaired and made useable again – many places on internet $100



Digital hearing aids. 2 ears for $2,000 – bought online from

www.americahears.com  - we are very happy - we got the Behind The Ear (BTE can have the most amplification, and thus the aids do not have to be replaced if the hearing gets worse. Also BTE has the longest-lasting batteries)

Very high-end capability: 9 frequency channels/bands, 4 memories/programs, directional microphone

Full refund if returned in 60 days. You can adjust its capabilities in 3 ways:

1) with your own computer – while wearing the hearing aids

2) they can remotely adjust it over the internet, or

3) you can send it in for adjustment (free)

Two year warranty. $124 to repair their hearing aids after the warranty expires.

This box allows the laptop to program the hearing aids. Two tiny cables (red and blue) plug into the back of the hearing aids when they are being programmed/modified.




Cell phone

Some cell phones and telephones magnetically send signals to some hearing aids $0

Many phones actually cause hearing aid interference – check before buying a cell phone

Cell phones can have high volume – consider one with a built-in speaker phone $0

Cell phones can be pre-programmed for the top 10 calls made $0
taxi, access dial-a-ride, family member, front desk, etc. Just push a button for 4 seconds.

Cell phone recharging in cradle $20
– the cable-type recharger is sometimes hard for seniors to connect.

‘See’ a "cell phone ring signaller" = a cup/mug that flashes when cell phone rings $25


A cell phone that addresses some of the needs of the elderly is Jitterbug $150

Discussion of cell phones for the blind in 2007 http://ask.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/09/07/1342239

Other hearing

A sound system with wireless headphones that reduces reverberation is available in many churches and movie theaters $0

Wireless headphones allow listening to an
electronic system (PA system, DVD, TV) $20







Hand-held battery-powered microphone with headset might work as well
as hearing aids at 2% of the cost. We bought Sonic Superear $30+
They sell a directional add-on for just $2.





Most standard alarms have such a high frequency sound that it can not be heard by
many men who are not wearing their hearing aids.

Talking alarms: fire, CO. Made by Kidde, First Alert, and others $35+





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