Low cost aids for VISION

Quick suggestion #1: you can make any web page (like this one)
use more space on your computer monitor by pressing the F11 key on your keyboard.
    To go back to normal web view, just press the F11 key again.

Quick suggestion #2:
   press and hold Ctrl and + keys to make everything larger
   press and hold Ctrl and - keys to zoom everything smaller

Sections of this page:
    Easier to See, Brighter Light, Lenses, Computer

Easier to see

Black/white dot to mark the top side of electronics/electrical plugs $0

Note: not all homes have AC outlets which are uniformly polarized,
but all USB sockets seem to be uniformly polarized.

Put colored markers of different shapes on TV remote controls,
microwave, etc. $0
Highlight just the few frequently used buttons
The button which goes back exactly 10 seconds and starts playing again.
Wrap day-glow tape around bottom end of cane
-others can see you and you can find your own cane easily $0
  Put bright labels on stapler, wallet, or other things which are hard to see/find $0
  Put bright label on cell phone with a number to call when it is lost $0
  Large print books and audio books from library $0
  Slow-down CDs, MP3. And video files on computer
(example: Enounce) 7 day trial for Windows Media Player and Real Playerand $30 

It is neat what technology can do now.
Everything can be slowed down by say 20% but the tonality is like the original.

Playing cards with large numbers and symbols < $4  over 15,000 suppliers


Brighter light

  To find items dropped on floor: shine flashlight along carpet/floor $0

Task illumination: bullet light fixture with 100 watt compact fluorescent bulb $10, floor lamp $40 (Ottlight is much more expensive - might get at garage sale), battery powered light to illuminate keyboard $10


Jewelers headset Optivisor $25


The headset comes with a lens of fixed magnification,
and you can buy additional magnifications. 
We use 4X magnification (you must be about 5" from object)
Also, your can buy a small lens which can be rotated into vision on a single eye
which adds an additional 3X magnification.

Monocular like opera glasses, but for a single eye $30

one of many stores http://www.handiworks.com/pd_panaview.cfm

Telescopic glasses to see things from 4 to infinity $35
Improve contrast while driving at dusk with yellow or light amber clip-ons $20
These have been used for decades by hunters and pilots.


  Two pairs of mono-focal glasses are far less expensive than a single pair of bi-focal glasses.


click here to find out how Larger icons, larger pointers, larger scroll bars, text and graphics by setting browser and other options  We changed about 12 features in XP and Internet Explorer.  $0.
FireFox 3:  cntrl+ increases both text and graphics magnification
                  cntrl- decreases both text and graphics magnification

Note: FireFox 3 works with all recent Windows operating systems, MAC X, and Lunix


  See your incoming e-mail in a large font (method different for each e-mail software) $0
2X electronic magnification of anything near cursor,
After rejecting a few we found Zoommy  Win98 thru Vista.
Has a 30 free trial $20 

Also, there is a shareware clone of Zoommy which we have not tried,
 Zoomy (just one M)


Normal keyboard with 3X larger letters on the normal size of keys $100


  Text-to-voice software reads highlighted text. NaturalReader $40
Sounds great and can speak at any rate (we use 100 words per minute).


Note: the voice quality of their free demo was not very good

 click here for details Large screen monitor: TV, Computer, DVD, and electronic magnifier $400
Try to get a monitor like Olevia Syntax LT26HVE LCD which enhances contrast

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