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Notes from 1 hour podcast
It has an extensive overview of all aspects of vitamin D:   including book, links, vitamin D Council, toxicity, audio, video, blood tests, overview articles, clinical research,
Notes by Henry Lahore of Gibson 1 hour podcast on Vit D.   I am not a doctor, just a health hobbyist, Stumbled on it. Age 54
Feel that he has an obligation to share with friends, family, and others
He hopes to plant a seed in people’s minds that may take root, perhaps years from now.
He does not care how long he lives, but wants to keep the quality of life high as long as possible
Gibson wants to keep health as high as he can for as long as he can.
When children started moving into factories they did not get enough sunshine
For hundreds of years we were only aware of Vit D and bones.  Glass also stops most UVB  [90% to 100% - varies with the type of glass]
We evolved to having much higher levels of Vit D in our bodies
Autism also correlates to latitude of mother during pregnancy
Blood pressure goes down in the winter and down at higher latitudes
RDA was established by noticing how much cod liver oil contained in the 1930’s: 400 IU
Live guards have vit D level of 50-70ng/ml – so that is most likely safe
Humans do not see in the UV because it does not provide much ‘illumination’ except in the middle of the summer day.
By age 65 the skin’s efficiency of production of vit D is 1/4 of what is was when young. (thin skin, less cholesterol)
Half life in the body is 3-4 weeks.   Rickets has made a come back
He is starting by taking 5,000 IUs every 3 days (I feel that he should take much more)
OK vit D level if you eat a lot of fish (salmon is good, but farmed salmon has 1/2 as much) – this is how the Eskimos kept a dark skin
Vitamin A can block the good affects of vit D

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