Vit D from Scientific American 2007  Notes in 2007 by Henry Lahore

two types of vitamin D  1) generated by skin, 2) plant

both become the same ‘hormone’ in the body  (Hormone is generated in one part of body but affect many parts)

 known to turn on over 1000 genes.   many diseases are strongly a function of latitude (amount of sun): example: ovarian cancer 8X more in Finland than tropics

 many diseases peak at the end of Northern winter: example - MS  strong hints that Vit D helps a lot – perhaps they will have proof in a few more years

 Recent experiments with humans:  By  just adding 2000 IU of Vit D to babies during their first year -> lifetime 80% decrease of diabetes

77% decrease in all cancers for women taking 1100 IU of Vit D for just 3 years

3 oz of tuna = 300 IU ( I had eaten tuna sandwiches every day for about 30 years)

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